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About Saudi Investment Bank

The Saudi Investment Bank is a Saudi joint-stock company, that was established on 23 June 1976 and started its business on 16 March 1977. The Saudi Investment Bank, SAIB has established successful joint ventures and subsidiaries that cater services for investment banking, share trading, asset management, leasing, mortgages, insurance, and credit cards through American Express, Saudi Orix Leasing, and Amlak Global Finance and Real Estate Development.
SAIB operates through a 52+ branch network, including 10 women-only branches distributed throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Through its (Asala) program the bank provides Sharia-compliant banking products and services.
Bank name
  • Saudi Investment Bank
Bank URL
Swift code
Bank code
  • Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Bank type
  • National
Bank charge
  • National & International
Cut-off time
  • 3:30 PM IST
  • The Saudi Investment Bank, 8081- Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Hassan - Al-Wizarat – Al Maather, Unit No: 2, AR Riyadh 12622 – 3144, KSA
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