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About ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)

ICICI Bank Limited is a privately-owned Indian development financial institution with its branches spread across India and 17 other countries like United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and South Africa. Founded in the year 1994, ICICI Bank, previously known as its abbreviated name Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India, has become one of the largest banks in the world. ICICI Bank offers products and services such as online money transfers, tracking services, current accounts, savings accounts, time deposits, recurring deposits, mortgages, loans, automated lockers, credit cards, prepaid cards, debit cards, and digital wallets called ICICI pockets.
ICICI is one of the four big banks in India and is a well-known banking and financial service provider worldwide.
Bank name
  • ICICI (Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India)
Bank URL
Swift code
Bank code
  • ICIC
  • India
Bank type
  • International
Bank charge
  • National & International
Cut-off time
  • 2:30 PM IST
  • ICICI Bank Towers, Bandra-Kurla Complex, Mumbai 400 051
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