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Embrace yourselves with our well-documented information platform and tools to understand Singleview APIs and kickstart your journey with the well-designed Singleview APIs.

API is the future

Singleview Open Banking API is a well-designed and documented platform that enables Banks, Emerging FinTechs, Payment initiators, Account aggregators, and other digital service providers, to connect and develop new business opportunities in the market.

Singleview APIs – Providing a better & secure experience

Effortless connection

Minimum code required to exchange requests and access consumer data.

Easy & Instant Integration

Integrate with the bank or financial institution of your choice on the go.

Real-time data access

Active ecosystem to fetch the latest banking & financial information.

Improved security

Certified environment with best-practices to ensure data privacy & security.

Developer friendly

Powerful APIs to smoothly handle the processing of single or bulk requests.

Smooth experience

Powerful APIs to smoothly handle the processing of single or bulk requests.

Save a ton!

On-demand integration through easy-to-use APIs to save time, money & efforts.

24/7 support

Reliable support available round the clock to assist and troubleshoot your problems

How it works?

Singleview API is a HTTP-based platform that allows authorized users to connect with an ecosystem that is readily integrated with Banking, Financial, & Non-banking financial institutions, and other service providers to provide an instant access to request and retrieve customer data and perform other financial operations. Every operation requires sending a valid JSON request to an HTTPS post location. In return, the users will get the JSON-encoded response along with standard response and error codes.

Accessed environments

The requests can be accessed through two of the following environments:
Sandbox Live phase
User to Singleview API - Data flow representation between the user and Singleview API

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