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Consumer platform

Consumer platform

The Singleview Consumer Platform focuses on creating a shared set of leading concepts and practices that carry the supporting capabilities and help improve consumer interaction and engagement associated with the Singleview platform.

Singleview, owned by UMG Alholol, is a FinTech company that serves through its thoughtful products, solutions, and services that are built to digitize and uplift the banking and financial sectors using Open Banking technology.

Singleview is permitted by SAMA and operates as per its regulatory guidelines.

Singleview offers Open Banking services to:

  • Developers to build innovative banking and financial management products & solutions
  • Banks to transform their customer’s digital banking experience
  • Corporates to achieve better access to banking and financial management
  • Partners and clients to stay compliant and align with the latest banking regulatory framework And does a lot more. To know more, visit www.singleview.com.sa or send us an email at info@onesingleview.com.

Singleview operates based on the following agreements with its consumers:

  • You can contact Singleview for any queries, complaints, or demo by sending an email to info@onesingleview.com
  • To raise a support ticket, send an email to support@onesingleview.com
  • You can also contact us via our mailing address:
    UMG Alholol Trading Co. 8113, Ath Thumamah Road, Al Rabie Dist, Zip: 13315, Additional No: 4083, Unit No: 96, Riyadh - KSA.
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