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One Account, many benefits

One Account for everything!

No more form fillings and worries for data submissions! Singleview account is all it needs to access all the products to make your financial planning and cash flow management frictionless and convenient.

Experience the power of technology

Safe data sharing

Easy data management with enhanced account privacy

Fast & accurate

AI & ML processing for efficient and time-saving results

Stay updated

Real-time tracking for quick and updated information

Easy to use

Customize your dashboard for easy view & navigation

Friendly support

Frictionless experience with round-the-clock support

Stay protected

Best-in-class security to safeguard your data & privacy

Singleview products


Manage your multiple bank payments on a single-screen


Organize and manage your bills without any worries


Keep a track of all your transactions and cashflows


Reconcile multiple accounts and get results on the go

Singleview Products – What are they made of?

Easy to use
Apart from a clean User Interface (UI), Singleview products are designed by keeping your requirements in mind. The options included in the products will get your work done alongside providing you unmatched User Experience (UX).
Powerful performance
Robust technical specifications and powerfully designed system processing with the added benefits of AI & ML enables efficient, time-saving, and effortless process completion. Now get the results on the go.
High-end security
Strong authentication & authorization protocols alongside encrypted data storage and transfer within a secure layer ensures reliable security, impenetrable protection, and enhanced privacy of your data.

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Begin a new journey of savings with Singleview products!
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